After the battle of Soissons, the city is plundered and the treasures are gathered for the great division of the spoils. The bishop of Rheims, Saint-Remi, sending a messenger near the king of the Francs: there are among the spoils a sacred vessel which are invaluable for him and qu' he would like to recover.

The rule of the Francs is to draw with the fate the share from each one among the spoils. Before pulling does not start, Clovis requires of its men whom the famous vase to him is given in addition to the share that the fate will hold for him. The majority of the warriors are of agreement, but a franc comes, lance with the face of the king " you n' will have that your share " and the vase of its axe strikes.

thumb_vase-soissons-013The tradition then wants that the vase was broken, the actually it was only dented ( was a vase out of metal, not out of porcelain).

Clovis plasters its anger and makes give to send Saint Remi what remains vase.

At beginning of the following year, Clovis reviews its troops before leaving to the war. It s' stop in front of the man that damaged the vase. It s' seize its armed, examines them and throws them to ground by reproaching him their bad maintenance. Whereas the warrior bends down to collect them, Clovis raises its axe and the head crashes to pieces to him by saying " remember the vase of Soissons ".